Our Mission

To provide inventive, independent, and actionable investment research at a reasonable price.

Our Values

Knowledge is power. Be good and do your best. Learn and share. Challenge received wisdom. Hold strong views weakly and accept the trend. Love data and strive for simplicity. Deliver actionable insights.

Our Philosophy

We believe that quality charts and research should be accessible. Our experience developing strategies for both buy-side and sell-side firms allow us to provide everything investors need to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and assess opportunities in financial markets.

The Acorn Approach

An emphasis on macroeconomic fundamentals is how we recognize and develop macroeconomic themes, identify financial market inefficiencies and profitably exploit them. Starting with the business cycle to guide the strategic view, valuations to anchor or challenge it, followed by tactical considerations to help finesse timing and raise conviction.

Focus On Fundamentals

Acorn’s analysis is centred on but not limited to economic activity, inflation, monetary policy, and financial conditions (credit & liquidity) as the primary drivers of asset trends and market performance. Additionally, an evaluation of the sensitivity of these variables to financial assets, and the stage of the economic cycle sits at the core of the analysis. Finally, tracking technical indicators and sentiment highlight information in the price allowing us to balance behaviour realities of markets with macroeconomic factors. ​

Knowledge is Power

You do not need big data; you need reliable data. With access to over +20 million macroeconomic and financial market data series – the right data is out there. The key is finding the team with the experience, passion, and creativity to effectively curate it. Acorn is that team.​

Challenge Received Wisdom

Comforting headlines and trendy views seldom make for good investments. Is Tech cyclical? Is Oil dead? Are Bonds “safe”? Prevailing market narratives are too often lazy or simply wrong. Due diligence therein can present opportunities and expose market risks. We believe providing honest answers to questions with clarity and independence is not only the right thing to do but can be extremely profitable. ​

Our Investment Focus


  • Regions & Countries
  • Sectors
  • Styles & Factors

Fixed Income

  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Credit
  • Inflation-Linked Bonds


  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Crypto